Enter the world of electric,

powerful emotions guaranteed.

Venturing into the field of hybrid and electric propulsion has become a necessity. 

Given the strong impact that the transport sector has on overall energy consumption and climate change, markets are increasingly moving in the direction of sustainable mobility for environmental reasons and for objective cost-benefit assessments. 

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Our technical department will study together with you the most suitable propulsion system for your needs.

It's not enough to be a manufacturer of electric motors and accessories. Facilitating the electric transaction requires training and expertise to provide the end customer with a complete, integrated and reliable electric propulsion system.

Love your boat but hate the noise and gasoline?

Switch to electric motors. More than 30% of all Mitek motors shipped are designated for refit installations.

The majority of manufacturers are now designing their models with electric motors in mind, further increasing the ease with which we can give new life to the boats we are bound to.

Get off the beaten track

Turn on the energy of change. You'll be amazed at how electric is more than enough for your needs.

Thanks to the continuous technological progress in the field of batteries and user interfaces, you can constantly monitor the status of your electric motor and have the tranquility of a carefree navigation.